Unified Storage Platform for the Digital Enterprise.

The only storage solution your organization will ever need.

We enable solutions to modernize your digital infrastructure

Resilient Virtual Computing

Robust gateways for KVM and Openstack implementations


Scalable Big Data Analytics

Amplify business intelligence with meaningful data


Dynamic File Sharing

Seamless file synchronization over enterprise networks


Massive Archives and File Repositories

Dense storage with support for most protocols, including NFS and iSCSI



Acaleph can unify all your storage hardware needs reducing cost and complexity.

By making use of Ceph's Reliable Autonomic Distributed Object Store (RADOS), Acaleph servers are able to provide object, block and file system storage in a single unified storage cluster. This flexibility allows you to migrate and unify your data with minimal effort.

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Intelligently replicate data as needed.

Your organization will always have the need for more data. The base Acaleph cluster is well provisioned with 144 Terabytes of raw data, but once your data needs to scale, adding in expansion nodes will be simple and will work out of the box. Traditional architectures have a single point of failure. Acaleph ensures that yours won't.

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Efficiency to the core.

Acaleph manages networks efficiently. The OSD-based architecture allows clients to maintain a session with each OSD directly, eliminating network bottlenecks and increasing total network capacity.

Acaleph also stores data efficiently. To bypass storage device throughput limitations, Acaleph nodes strategically use SSD drives and stores sequential pieces of data across several storage devices for increased read and write performance.

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