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Acaleph specialises in Data Storage technologies that helps your business efficiently manage high volume data while reducing cost. We help solve your data storage infrastructure challenges so you can focus on the critical parts of your business.

Maintaining public or private data storage infrastructure is a challenge. Acaleph provides solutions so organisations can manage physical, cloud and containerized data workloads with fast, cost-saving, and flexible technologies and processes.


Acaleph brings scalable software-defined-storage to business. Designed to grow easily from Development optimised Object Storage to multi-petabyte Block Storage while minimising hardware costs - ideally suited to Big Data, Virtual Machines and Container workloads.

The Acaleph Storage Platform runs on optimised hardware with Ceph storage technology that is tailored to different workloads - High performing Flash disks for mission critical workloads, High capacity spinning disks for large data warehousing or a combination of disks customised for specific workloads.

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Data Services

From many years of experience with data storage, application deployment and cloud infrastructure, we offer our optimised software and hardware platform that makes it simple for organisations to deploy Data Services - ETL, Search Indexing and Time Series Databases are some examples of available services.

The Acaleph Storage Platform makes it simple for teams to deploy optimised data services and manage storage, backed by Kubernetes on top of Ceph Data Storage.

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We help organisations make sense of the modern data storage landscape. Our goal, to assist you efficiently store, process and make sense of your growing business data.

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About Acaleph

We are a company focused on Data Storage, DevOps and modern cloud infrastructure. With offices in Singapore and the Philippines, our company provides solutions, consulting, implementation, training and support services for business throughout Asia.

We are always on the lookout for new members to join the team so please get in touch with us if you're looking for exciting new challenges in Data Storage, DevOps and other modern cloud technologies.

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